Local Attractions


A Journey through Okayama

History, Culture, Gourmet & Art
~ A Curiosity Seeker's Journey

Historic Sites & Roads

Journey to Tsuyama's Past

The town of Tsuyama grew up around its castle, the heart of daily commerce and life. Though much has changed, the Joto Townscape area transports visitors back in time with carefully preserved merchant homes and street scenery. After exploring Kakuzan Park, the site of Tsuyama Castle's ruins, visitors can also travel further out to Okayama Castle, Bichu Matsuyama Castle, or the Takeda Castle Ruins (the inspiration for the Ghibli film "Laputa"). Deepen your understanding of Japan's fascinating history through its important landmarks.


Historic Sites & Roads

Gardens & Nature

Beautiful Gardens
& a Tapestry of Seasons

From Tsuyama's Shurakuen to Okayama's Korakuen, fans of traditional Japanese gardens will be captivated by the artistry of the past. For fans of the outdoors, the Hiruzen Highlands offer all sorts of fun in the sun. Wine lovers will find something new and exciting at Hiruzen Winery and the local cheese factory.


Garden & Nature

Crafts & Walking around town

Discover Arts
& Crafts on a Leisurely Stroll

Okayama is home to many historical preservation areas, and the first one designated was the "Noren Town" of Katsuyama and Kurashiki with its beautiful white walls. Denim fans will also not want to miss Kojima's Denim Street. Each area has its own special charm and history to be explored.


Craft & Walking around town


Art to Stir All the Senses

Combining architecture and art, PORT ART&DESIGN TSUYAMA is both an Important Cultural Property as well as home to many events and art shows. Traveling exhibits from the Ohara Museum of Art, NagiMoca, and other institutions give vitality to the area and bring fresh creativity to the community.



Heritage Rails & Trains

Retro Trains Connect Present and Past

Tsuyama is a rail lover's dream destination. Visit the Tsuyama Rail Educational Museum to learn more about rail history and science. Featuring a rare roundhouse and many vintage locomotives, the nostalgic rail travel of yesteryear comes alive. Rail fans will also love Mimasaka Takio Station, a beautifully-preserved wooden station that still serves commuters. Stop out at the stone Matsuboki Bridge for a great place to take train photos.