Shiromi Spa


Beauty Secrets of
the Old Castle:
Tsuyama Onsen
Shiromi Spa

Located on our 8th floor, Shiromi Spa has both a large main spa and an open-air bath for a full onsen experience.
The waters of Shiromi Spa come from Dodo Onsen, which has been admired for centuries for its skin beautifying properties.
It is also famously soothing for nerve, muscle, and joint pain.
Guests can take in a prospect view of Kakuzan Park and the castle ruins while having a relaxing soak in the bath.

Open-air bath

Dodo Onsen

A History of Beauty:
Dodo Onsen

Water Properties Natural Radium Spring
Effective for neuralgia, muscle pain, joint aches, stiff shoulders, bruises, sprains, digestive disorders, sensitivity to cold, fatigue


Open-air bath Open-air bath

Open-air Bath

Our spacious open-air bath lets guests sink deeply for full-body relaxation,
and a prospect view of Kakuzan Park takes you out of the every day.
The castle ruins are lit up from sunset to about 10pm for a truly magical scene.

Indoor Bath

Indoor Bath

The indoor bath's waters also come, of course, from Dodo Onsen.
With a smooth feel, the water source is a natural radium hot spring, and has long been known for its curative properties for all kinds of aches and pains.

Reclining Bath

Reclining Bath

There is a reclining space in the open-air bath.
Wooden headrests give comfortable support while stretching out to soothe from head to toe.

Jacuzzi Bath

Jacuzzi Bath

Indulge in a full-body massage from water jets and gentle bubbles in the jacuzzi bath. The warming waters improve circulation for the ultimate in relaxing comfort.



Dry saunas are also good for circulation, as well as detoxing through a healthy sweat. Reset while unwinding.

Cold Bath

Cold Bath

Perfect after a spell in the sauna, a plunge in the cold bath will rejuvenate all your senses. Once you've cooled off, a dip in the onsen waters will warm and soothe.

After-bath Lounge

After-bath Lounge

Our after-bath lounge has a comfortable seating both in and outdoors with a great view of Kakuzan Park.
Enjoy a cup of kuromame (black bean) tea, seasonal black teas, or cool water while waiting for companions,
or just taking a breather after your bath.


Hours 13:30pm~12:00am;
Location 8F
Amenities &
Hairdryer, Hair brush, Scale, Fan, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap, Face soap, White lift gel, Face towel, Men's Amenities(Aftershave, Moisturiser, Hair tonic), Women's Amenities(Makeup remover, Toner, Moisturiser, Shower cap, Cotton swabs, Cotton squares)
Note Guests will need their room keycards to enter the spa area. Please bring bath towels from guest rooms.

Thai Traditional Massage Salon Bankunmei

Thai traditional massage Bankunmei Thai traditional massage Bankunmei

"Yoga Done by Two"
Thailand's Ancient Healing Art

With over 2500 years of history, Thai Traditional Massage has been an intergral part of Eastern medicine, and Thailand's royal culture, for centuries.

Hours 2:00pm~10:00pm,
reception time 1:00pm~9:00pm
Location 8F
Reservations /
TEL +81-(0)868-24-2111
(reservations can be made from 9:00am~8:00pm)

Bankunmei details


After-bath Lounge

Tsuyama Castle
Panorama Lounge

Separate from the bath terrace, our top floor SpaLiving & Terrace has coffee and sports drinks,
as well as massage chairs and comfortable sitting space.
There is also a terrace with a panoramic view of Kakuzan Park.

Hours 13:30pm~12:00am;
Location 9F
Exclusively for Guests of Special Floor Yurou, Comfort Floor Miyasumi, Dog-friendly Floor
Stretch Room


For keeping fit during travel, our stretch room offers all the amenities guests needs for light conditioning. After a bath, nothing is better for the joints than a light stretch.

Hours Open 24 hours
Location 5F