FAQ / Inquiries

FAQ / Inquiries

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a parking lot?
We have a parking lot on site with a capacity of 33 vehicles.
Staying guests get 24 hours free parking per night's stay.

■Cost: free
■Type: Indoor/Outdoor
*For indoor parking, vehicles must be 2.5m tall or under.
■Capacity: 33 cars (10 outdoor, 23 indoor)
  • *When our on-site parking is full, we direct guests to overflow parking. For staying guests, overflow parking is also free 24 hours per night's stay.

■Overflow Parking
Chuo Parking how to get there(Google Maps)
Soshio Parking how to get there(Google Maps)
Is there a pick-up service?
We offer free shuttle service to and from the hotel and JR Tsuyama Station.

JR Tsuyama Station → Tsuyama Villa
Pick-up can be arranged any time between 2pm to 8pm.

Tsuyama Villa → JR Tsuyama Station
Drop-off times are arranged for guests riding the Rapid Express Kotobuki and highway bus.

Depart 7:10→ Arrive 7:15
Depart 8:10→ Arrive 8:15
Depart 9:10→ Arrive 9:15
Depart 10:10→ Arrive 10:15
Depart 11:10→ Arrive 11:15

■How to Reserve: Reservations are required. Please call
+81-(0)868-24-2111 (operator).
■Capacity: Up to 9 riders
■Cost: free

What are the check-in/check-out times?
Check-in is from 3pm; check-out is by 11am.
  • *For guests whose plans include dinner, please check-in by 8pm.
  • *These times may vary according to different accommodation plans. If guests' plans stipulate special check-in or check-out times, those will take precedent over general times.
Is it possible to send baggage ahead of arrival?
As long as we are notified in advance, we can accept baggage before guest arrival.
Please clearly label baggage with the following information:

(Customer Name) Staying (date XX/XX)

〒708-0022 Okayama-ken Tsuyama City Sange 30-1
TEL. +81-(0)868-24-2111
Is there baggage storage available before check-in/after check-out?
Yes, please come to the Front and we can store your bags.
We are staying for a special occasion; is it possible to order cakes or flowers?
Yes. We offer decorated cakes, as well as flower bouquets and arrangements. Please tell us about your occasion when you make your room reservation and we will make sure your celebration is a memorable one.

Whole Cake (with fruit)
 . 12cm 2,750 yen
 . 15cm 3,850 yen
 . 18cm 5,060 yen
 . 21cm 6,270 yen

 . 12cm 2,420 yen
 . 15cm 3,300 yen
 . 18cm 4,400 yen
  • *Special messages can be written on a candy card.
  • *Please consult us about special order cakes at least a week in advance.

■Flower bouquets/Arrangements
Prices start at 3,300 yen and up
  • *Pricing includes tax.
  • *The above prices do not include the 10% service fee.
Where is breakfast served?
Our buffet breakfast is served in Mimasaka Kitchen on the first floor.

■Place: Mimasaka Kitchen/ first floor
■Hours: 7am~10am
Breakfast Buffet 1,320 yen (visitors 1,650 yen)
Select Menu Breakfast Buffet 2,200 yen (visitors 2,530 yen)
  • *Guests staying with children under the age of 6 do not have to pay additional breakfast costs; however if the number of children exceed the number of adults, nominal charges will be assessed.
  • *Please see breakfast page for details
  • *Pricing includes tax.
  • *The above prices do not include the 10% service fee.
Is there a coin laundry?
We have a coin laundry room on our 4th floor.
There are two washers/dryers.

■Place: Coin Laundry / fourth floor
■Hours 7am~11pm
■Cost: 300 yen/course (wash or dry).
  • *Detergent is automatically dispensed.
What are the cancellation fee rates?
For groups of 7 or fewer guests, there is no cancellation fee for up to two days before reservation date.
Our cancellation policy is as follows:

■1 to 7 people
Without notice………… 100% Room Fee
Same day ……………….. 80% Room Fee
1 Day …………… 20% Room Fee

■8 to 99 people
Without notice………… 100% Room Fee
Same day ……………….. 80% Room Fee
1 Day …………… 20% Room Fee
2-9 Days ………….10% Room Fee

■100 people and more
Without notice………… 100% Room Fee
Same day ……………….. 100% Room Fee
1 Day …………… 80% Room Fee
2-9 Days ………….20% Room Fee
10-20 Days ………….10% Room Fee
  • *Some stay plans have special cancellation policies, so those will take priority over the general cancellation policy.

What time may guests use the spa onsen?
Dodo Onsen, the hot spring where Shiromi Spa's waters come from, has long been known for its skin-beautifying properties. Guests can enjoy a prospect view of Kakuzan Park from our main bath.

■Place: Tsuyama Onsen SHIROMI SPA / eighth floor
■Hours: 1:30pm~12am, 6am~10am

  • *A room keycard is necessary to enter spa.
  • *Closed from 10am to 1:30pm for cleaning.
What are the properties of the spa's waters?
Shiromi Spa on our eighth floor uses waters from Dodo Onsen.

■Water Source: Dodo Onsen
■Water Type: Light radium cold mineral spring (hypotonic alkaline cold mineral spring)
■Effective for: neuralgia, muscle pain, joint aches, stiff shoulders, bruises, sprains, digestive disorders, sensitivity to cold, fatigue etc.

  • *Special Floor Yurou and Dog-friendly Floor private open-air baths also use waters from Dodo Onsen.
What is SpaLiving & Terrace?
Accessible from the 8th floor after-bath lounge, SpaLiving & Terrace is an exclusive relaxation area for guests of our specialty floors. Coffee and sports drinks are available, as well as massage chairs and a comfortable lounge area. There is also an outdoor terrace with a panoramic view of Kakuzan Park.

■Place: SpaLiving & Terrace / ninth floor
■Hours: 1:30pm~12am, 6am~10am

  • *For exclusive use of Special Floor Yurou, Comfort Floor Miyasumi, and our Dog-friendly Floor guests.
  • *From sunset to about 10pm, Kakuzan Park is beautifully lit by decorative lights. Not to be missed!
What exercise equipment is in the Stretch Room?
Guests may use the following items for self-care:

yoga mat & yoga DVD
balance ball
DOCTOR AIR stretch roller
stretch ball
training tube
*Quantities are limited. Thank you for your understanding.

■Place: Stretch Room / 5th floor
■Hours: open 24 hours
  • *All guests of Tsuyama Villa may use this room.

What amenities are included in guest rooms?
Flatscreen TV (local channels, BS, VOD), Wi-fi, USB Plug, Electric kettle, Refrigerator, Humidifying air cleaner, Safe box, Detached shower booth, Shower toilet, etc.

Black tea, Japanese green tea, Mineral water, Face towel, Bath towel, Pajamas, Yukata, Tabi socks (winter only), Indoor slippers, Toothbrush, Tissues, Hair brush, Hand and face soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap, Women's Amenities (Makeup remover, Toner, Moisturiser, Hair band), Men's Amenities (Razor), etc.

*Please see room type detail pages for information on amenties and facilities.
What sort of items are available for rental?
The following items may be borrowed for free. Quantities are limited, so there may be times when these are not readily available. Thank you for your understanding.

Rental Items:
Pillows (feather, buckwheat, foam), Clothes iron, Pants press, Curling hairdryer, Thermometer, Nail clipper, DVD player, Wheelchair, Lap blanket, Extension cord

Children's Rental Items:
Bassinet seat, Bumbo seat, Bed guard, Baby bath, Baby bath chair, Baby shampoo, Milk prep pot, Diaper trash bin, Toilet-training seat
Is there internet connectivity in guest rooms?
For our guests' ease and comfort, guest rooms, as well as our front and lounge areas, are all connected to a wireless internet (wi-fi) network.

From making travel plans to catching up on business, guests can access the internet at any time from their wi-fi compatible devices.
  • *Our facilitiy is not equipped with LAN-cable internet access.

If children are sleeping with their parents, are there accommodation fees?
If children under six years of age will be sleeping with their parents, one child per adult is free.
Up to what age may children eat breakfast for free?
Guests staying with children under the age of 6 do not have to pay additional breakfast costs; however if the number of children exceed the number of adults, nominal charges will be assessed.
What amenities and rental items are there for small children?
■Children's Amenitites
Body sponge
*There are three sizes for children's yukata. Medium will be placed in rooms as a general rule; if small or large is better, please contact the front.

■Children's Rental Items
Bassinet Seat
Bumbo Seat
Bed guard
Baby bath
Baby bath chair
Baby Shampoo
Milk prep pot
Diaper trash bin
Toilet-training seat
  • *Each of these items are limited in number and subject to availability.
Is hot water for making baby formula available? Also how can parents take proper sanitary precautions?
Each room at Tsuyama Villa has a water kettle. Please use that for making formula if necessary. We also have milk prep pots available for rental, but quantities are limited.
As a general rule, we ask our guests to take care of disinfecting and cleaning baby bottles etc. on their own. However, if guests bring a microwavable tub or other vessel with them, our staff would be happy to help with heating bottles etc. to sanitize them.

What are the restaurant hours?
■Local Dining Mimasaka Kitchen / first floor
Mimasaka Kitchen's breakfast buffet features local cuisine and ingredients. It also offers lunch time sets and a la carte menu items.

Breakfast 7:00am~10:00am
Lunch 11:30am~2:30pm (Closed Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays)
*No reservations necessary.

■Chef's Dining Sakura / seventh floor
Guests can enjoy local Nagi beef grilled on teppan-style at Chef's Dining Sakura. Our kaiseki courses feature the finest local steaks as well as seafood and vegetable dishes.

Hours 5:30pm~9:00pm(Last Order 8:30pm)

  • *All meals are served course-style and require advanced reservations.
I have some food allergies; can my dining plan be adjusted?
As much as possible, we will try to accommodate all allergies and dietary restrictions (especially in religious cases). However, we are unable to make last-minute menu changes, so we require advanced notice to adjust dining plans. In some cases, especially in those with life-threatening consequences, after consulting with our chefs, we may have to refuse some adjustment requests.
Still, we want our guests to have the best possible experience dining with us, so even in instances of severe food aversion, please don't hesitate to consult with us about your dining plan. Though ultimately our chefs will make the final decisions, we will take every consideration regarding guests' requirements.

Our breakfast buffet also displays information about seven major allergens for each dish.
Are there private rooms for dining in groups?
Chef's Dining Sakura also has a flexible booth and private rooms that are perfect for business meetings or family functions; both Western table and Japanese floor/table seating can be arranged.
Chef's Dining Sakura details

Our Grand Banquet hall on the second floor can accommodate larger functions; from standing buffets and seated courses, we can customize our offerings for any gathering type.
Grand Banquet details

Can pets stay as well?
There are five rooms available on our Dog-Friendly Floor where up to two pets per room may stay.
Dog-friendly Floor Grande Twin room with terrace & open-air bath 56m sq; 1 room
Dog-friendly Floor Deluxe Twin room with terrace & open-air bath 43m sq; 4 rooms

Our Dog-Friendly Deluxe Twin rooms have private open-air baths on outdoor terraces, as well as many amenities that make staying with your pet simple and easy. With a private elevator just for guests staying on this floor, there is also an indoor dog park.

Agreement for Staying with Your Dog(s)
From the link below, guests must sign our consent forms including a user agreement and accommodation waiver by the day before their stay; guests must also provide proof of viral (at minimum 5-in-1) and rabies vaccinations via image upload or fax.
Dog-friendly Floor User Agreement and Accommodation Waiver Consent Forms

  • *Vaccinations (both viral and rabies) must have been completed within two weeks to one year of date of stay.
  • *When sending by fax, vaccination proof must arrive at least one day before stay.
  • *Fees for pets will be assessed as follows: 4,400 yen (tax incl.) for the first pet, and 2,200 yen (tax incl.) for the second. (Up to two pets per room)
    Please give information about each pet, including breed, at the time of reservation.
  • *Only small to mid-size breed dogs 4 months of age or older are permitted to stay.
Can pets use the dog park?
Our indoor dog park is on the 4th floor near the Dog-friendly elevators. Its indoor loggia (gallery) style is protected from the elements and very safe with wood chip flooring. Please feel free to use the play equipment too.

Only guests of the Dog-friendly Floor and their pets may use the dog park.
Are there any amenities or equipment for dogs?
The following items may be borrowed for free by Dog-friendly Floor guests:

■Dog Amenities & Equipment
dog bath tub
dog hair dryer
dog towels
food bowls
dog treats
wet tissue
lint roller
deodorizing spray
toilet tray & sheets
trash bin with lid
  • *We also have dog shampoo available. Please inquire at the front desk. Quantities are limited, so it may not always be available. It may be best to bring the shampoo your dog is used to if possible.

■Items to Bring
food and treats your pet is used to
portable water dish
leash, name tag
waste bags for walks
favorite toys
dog shampoo etc.

Are wheelchair-accessible toilets available?
There is a multi-purpose restroom on the first floor near the elevators.
Are wheelchairs available to borrow?
There some at the front, but numbers are limited, so please mention at the time of reservation to ensure availability.
Are there any barrier-free guest rooms?
The following rooms have slopes and other barrier-free modifications.
  • *Please be aware there are uneven surfaces in shower booths.
(Special Floor Yurou) Western Japanese room Type A with open-air bath & terrace (5 rooms)
(Comfort Floor Miyasumi) Corner Twin with terrace (1 room)
Are there wheelchair-accessible parking spaces?
We have one space in our hotel parking lot with a wheelchair zone.
Are guide dogs able to stay?
Yes, guide dogs are welcome at our hotel.

What payment methods are accepted at the hotel?
The following payment methods are accepted:

Cash/Debit Card/Electronic Cash (PayPay/Alipay)
Credit Card(VISA/JCB/American Express/Master/Diners Club/Unionpay)
Is there currency exchange on site?
We are very sorry, but we are unable to exchange currency in our hotel.
Are there vending machines on site?
On the third floor, guests will find a vending corner with soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, as well as an ice machine and VOD card vendor.



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